ImmortalChessForum - Registration

Rules and Regulations (Read before agreeing)

IMC is very strict when it comes to our Regulations - We expect our members to follow rules and regulations at all times. There is no exception to anyone. Your post history/contribution does not count when it comes to following the Rules.

Thank you posts are strictly not allowed.

- Thank you posts are unnecessary. It does not matter how descriptive your thank you is how much you really mean it. A simple click to the Thumbs Up button (which represents thank you) is all it needs to be done for you to show appreciation. (You will find this button next to the Profile Avatar)

Always encrypt your links.

- You need to encrypt whatever links you are sharing. This is done to make it difficult for DMCA takedowns.

Requests should be shared either in the “Requests Section” or the original topic only.

- You are allowed to share any request in the Requests Section with only an exception where a topic already exists in the forum – In that case, you may request in the original topic post.

One account per person.

- You are only allowed to have one account. We have active bots and plugins that take care of tracking this - In the case when we found multiple accounts per person, We will issue a ban to both the accounts.

Waiting time is 15 days for Newly Registered users.

- New Members might have to wait 15 days until they can post anything. This is done to protect the website from Hijacks, Trolls, Rule-breakers etc. If you wish to remove this and have a valid reason, You may contact the Administrator by clicking - Contact Administration button.

Only reputable file hosts with direct link are allowed.

- Please do not share links to money-making referrals, websites filled with ads or popups or any file host that is not a reputable one. Do not use any kind of link shortners

Maximum 1 request for a member per 48 hours. A request can be bumped only once in 72 hours.

- A member is allowed to request only once every 24 hours and bumps (requesting again in the topic, e.g +1 etc) can be done only once in 48 hours.

No requests/trading/exchanging/promotion of any kind via Private Message.

- Private Messaging has to be done only if really required. Unnecessary Private Messages create server load. You are not allowed to request anyone any kind of file/guide – simply no requests. You are also not allowed to do trading/exchanging or even a request of that

Do not share files in the Requests Section.

- Instead of completing the request just by sharing it as a reply in the Request topic, Please create a proper post in the forum/sub-forum and just reply to the request with a link to the topic you created.

Request to re-upload a file or update the link can be done only once every 48 hour.

Please be civil. Intervene by reporting the topic/member/post where needed.

- No fighting, name-calling. Abuse, harassment, bullying or any controversial message . Maintain and be civil and try not to go off-topic, The forum is also a no vulgarity area, We ask you to respect this. In case you see or have something that needs to be intervened by a Moderator/Administrator, Please click the report button.

No-spamming, promotion, selling.

- You are not allowed to-

  • Spam a message constantly
  • Write something that is not necessary
  • Misuse the Private Message functionality
  • Tagging someone unnecessarily
  • Promote anything. (ex. Website, Forum, Channel, Store, Tournament, Coach, Course etc)
  • Sell anything in the forum.

  • No-trading or exchanging.

    - You are not allowed to trade or exchange with any user via any mode (Publicly or via PM) – If you have something to share, do not expect anything back in return except thanks from members.

    Group-buys should be done with Administration/Moderation member as a middleman.

    - No Group-buys, no matter the amount shall be done without proper vigilance of the Moderation team. This is done to avoid scams.

    Use correct sub-forums for new post.

    - Do not post in incorrect sub-forums. E.g all old books (books before 2000) must go in Old books section: viewforum.php?f=145. Whereas all Chessbase DVDs will go in Chessbase Sub-forum

    Post correct information on every post. Make sure people get what you are trying to post.

    Sharing files/guides outside the forum without prior permission of the original poster is not allowed

    - We recommend direct messaging the concerned member. If he or she agrees and gives consent, You may share the file with proper credits to the author and

    We allow only English in this forum ofcourse with the obvious exception of the languages in your preferred regional subforum